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Migun was founded on the idea of taking responsibility for people's health and improving people's lives by combining the principles of Eastern Medicine with Western technology.
TurboSonic USA is committed to providing the most advanced, cutting edge technologies in health for the greater good of humanity. They offer their services, expertise, products and knowledge to help you, the consumer, achieve optimum health, happiness, hope and well-being. Their goal is to help end all needless suffering. TurboSonic USA intends to do this through the use of their products, education and a thorough understanding of the inner cellular response.
Sunlighten was founded as a result of a deeply personal experience with the healing power of infrared therapy. With over ten years of experience, they are the leaders of the infrared sauna industry, in business to help others through continued technological innovation, best-in-class product quality and unsurpassed customer service.
The Quick Gym workout is built around the ROM Quick Gym Cross Trainer... an innovative, patented apparatus designed and engineered to provide a complete upper- or lower-body workout in just 4 minutes a day. It’s a very intense 4 minutes, but it leaves you with more time to accomplish what you need to each day.
Dr. Mercola has been advocating the benefits of Vitamin D for years. Vitamin D Deficiency is a very real, global epidemic and he is passionate about helping people address and prevent the diseases associated with it. His website is the world's #1 Natural Health Website and is packed with thousands of health articles he has written based on his research as a doctor of osteopathy.
Royal Raymond Rife was an American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography. He claimed that using a specially designed optical microscope, only five of which were ever constructed, he could observe a number of viruses which he and several prominent medical doctors who worked with him thought were causal factors in several diseases, most notably cancer. Rife also demonstrated that a "beam ray" device of his invention could weaken or destroy the pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals.
Waiora is a world-class company dedicated to helping people maintain their health as they age. Their Healthy living and aging philosophy is simple - eat well-balanced meals
that include multiple servings of foods high in fiber, like fruits, vegetables, and bran, exercise regularly and incorporate a nutritional regimen that addresses aging at the
root of the problem, from a cellular and biological level. One of Waiora's Newest Products "Natural Cellular Defense", acts like a sponge to remove toxins and chemicals from the body. It works so well, the company has a US PATENT# 6288045 documenting it's amazing Cancer cell killing ability in the human body. It not only kills cancer but balances the bodies blood ph to slightly alkaline to prevent viral and bacterial growth! It has been extreemly effective on shingles and even chrones disease.
Founded by D. Gary Young in 1993, Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for exceptionally high-quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products, and other unique solutions for healthy lifestyles. Young Living Essential Oils is a multinational, relationship marketing company specializing in the production and distribution of therapeutic-grade essential oils and premium products enhanced with essential oils. Young Living is the largest supplier of essential oils in the world.
Greenfoot Global EnviroTabs
Greenfoot Global is dedicated to marketing products that leave our planet greener, provide our customers substantial savings and offer our independent entrepreneurs a sustainable long term business opportunity. We are proud to introduce EnviroTabs ®, a product that can help reduce harmful fuel emissions while helping increase mileage, engine longevity and also increase horsepower.
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Juice Plus+
Juice Plus+® is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Each ingredient is specially selected to provide a broad range of nutritional benefits. Juice Plus+ is a complement to a healthy diet. Juice Plus+ is the simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day. Juice Plus+ is supported by clinical research conducted by researchers at leading hospitals and universities around the world and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Juice Plus+ is recommended by thousands of doctors and health professionals around the world.
Puzhen Aroma Diffusers
Puzhen Life is a health & wellbeing brand with the highest-quality aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, puer teas, & ceramics that aims at inspiring the simplicity & purity of the body & mind, promoting a harmonious & natural way of living in the modern world.
Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® is a state of the art vertical aeroponic growing system. It's perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies-any relatively sunny place outside. It grows vegetables, herbs, flowers, and many fruits in less time than it takes in soil. Tower Garden® gives you more control over your family's health by making it easy to grow fresh, nutritious produce.
Tower Garden
CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ use a proprietary combination of homeopathic formulas consisting of intrinsic energies that affect positive health responses. CieAura Chips have the look of simple decals on the body or clothing and are totally non-invasive, without any chemical component. When placed along sensitive acupuncture meridian points, results such as increased energy, improved stamina, deeper, more restful nights, and other assorted reactions occur, depending on the program formula of the Holographic Chip and the related placement.